The Gilmore Family

Posted on: Monday, February 4, 2013


We met the Gilmore family at a park in Berkeley right after an evening of rain. All night I hoped that the rain would hold off for our morning shoot and lucky for us ... it did. When we first met their little one Jackson he was a bit shy as any two year old would be meeting complete strangers ... but that all changed when we gave him a purple monster puppet ... he smiled from ear to ear when he saw it. 



Not to mention he laughed and laughed all shoot because Marc just has a way with kids. We spent the morning avoiding puddles, chatting about our mutual love for Tahoe, and had a bunch of laughs as both parents became super heroes as they saved Jackson's balloon more than once. 



I can't wait to see this family grow as we had the privilege to photograph their family photos and baby announcement ... they are having a girl. 


Shoots like these affirm to Marc and I how much we love photography. Congrats to the Gilmore family on their soon to be addition. We can't wait to watch your family grow. 


'Tis Almost the Season ... Holiday Portraits

Posted on: Friday, November 30, 2012

In honor of the first day of December tomorrow I could not resist posting a photo from a recent Holiday Inspired shoot I did for three very special people. We had a small window to work with as it was almost Jackson's nap time but with a ladder and some white confetti we made it happen. All of the photos are priceless but this one happens to be my favorite ... all smiles and look at Jackson ... in complete awe. Exactly how Christmas should be for little ones. Next week I will have a fun how-to on creating this type of holiday portrait ... so stay tuned. Happy almost December!

Katelynn and Conrad.

Posted on: Friday, November 16, 2012

IMG_1498_CDL KatelynnConrad Collage_CDL IMG_2078_overlay_CDL

This couple's story completely melted my heart. They met in the army band ... he played guitar and she played piccolo and the rest was history. They came to their engagement shoot all smiles, mementos in hand such as their army hats, her piccolo and his guitars, a quilt made by Conrad's grandmother, and cowboy boots ... from the get go they had a clear vision of what story they wanted to tell with each photo.  During the shoot one thing was clear ... their utter adoration for each other. Congratulations Katelynn and Conrad thank you for sharing your story with us ... we loved photographing the two of you and are looking forward to photographing your wedding in August!

Shaudi and Danny.

ShaudiDanny Collage_2_CDL

The weather was perfect for a picnic brunch in the park. Shaudi packed some of her homemade jam, a baguette, and donuts while Danny brought along his vintage camera. The morning was filled with breaks between photos for coffee sipping, jam savoring, and lots of laughs.


Tori Collage_CDL
Graduation photos for Tori were completely nostalgic for me because not too long ago ... I was a bright eyed banana slug. I photographed Tori capitalizing on the morning light and shot solely with my 50mm lens. Smiling from ear to ear I could feel and see just how excited Tori was to graduate. Between photos we happily snacked on strawberries, chatted about her future plans, and the art of photography. Tori is a talented photographer that has a love for the outdoors and backpacking trips. Looking at Tori's photos it is amazing to see how much of her spirit comes through each and every shot. Tori keep on adventuring and living life with an honest and true spirit. You were a joy to photograph.

Melissa and Jason.

Posted on: Thursday, November 15, 2012

For me when I hear the words Trash the Dress I think of photos of brides rolling around in mud, harsh backdrops, and looking somewhat awkward. I know not the most appealing images to have. So ... when Melissa asked me to photograph a Trash the Dress shoot for her it was imperative for me to stray away from typical Trash the Dress photos and keep them simple and romantic. We photographed Melissa and Jason at Crissy Field on a crisp autumn day. The lighting was perfect and a soft fog slowly crept its way into the San Francisco Bay. The shoot was windy but we used the elements to our advantage ... one of my favorite moments was when Melissa looked off into the horizon and her veil blew softly in the wind. Melissa and Jason thank you for asking us to photograph the two of you. You gave me the opportunity to shoot and define how I have always envisioned a Trash the Dress shoot should feel and look.

Adam and Lauren.

Adam_Lauren Collage_CDL

Adam and Lauren's ranch style wedding was this girl's quintessential dream wedding to photograph. Their wedding was held on their property, friends and family pitched in to help with creating wood signs, mixing drinks and creating signature cocktails, roasting a pig, putting together flowers, and the list can go on and on. The weather was perfect ... a warm sweet summer breeze filled the air and the sun cast a soft and romantic haze over the property. Marc and I were swept away while photographing. Lauren and Adam's wedding was laid back, sincere, and filled with love. Their wedding lasted into the night while friends and family danced the night away under the July moon. Lauren and Adam, your wedding was beautiful and it was a complete pleasure photographing the both of you.

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